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    Addiction Counseling

    You are capable and worthy of living your best life.

    When the world becomes too much to tolerate, our relationships leave us feeling empty and alone, we will bond with something; no matter how detrimental that something is to our lives. Perhaps it is the bottle of vodka that has always been there for you when everyone else has left you feeling hopeless. Maybe it is pulling up to the newest retail store because the excitement and thrill are such better feelings than the depression that consumes your soul. Or, it could be spending endless hours working at the detriment of family because numbing yourself from the painful voice constantly screaming you are not a worthy human being feels so much better than to hear it. Whatever it may be – that takes away the pain — the loneliness — the anxiety — or the depression – it is uncomfortable living your life in a constant battle trying to escape yourself.

    “In reading and listening to hundreds of these stories over the years [referring to substance misusers] I’ve found that many include a sense of being fundamentally different and uncomfortable in their own skin”

    – SZALAVITZ, 2016 –

    Stop the running. There are other options for you and life can get better.

    Addictive and self-destructive behaviors arise not as pleasure, not as punishment-seeking strategies, but as survival strategies. Research has shown us that alcohol and marijuana induce relaxation and numbing, assists with social engagement and allows sleep. Cocaine, speed, and crystal meth counteract feelings of hopelessness and helplessness while helping you feel powerful and confident. Heroin decreases anger and impulsivity. Ecstasy helps you feel relaxed and increases energy. Under-eating or restricting behaviors helps you feel numb accompanied by increased energy. Overeating also induces numbing and relaxation. Self-injury stimulates feelings of power, clarity and buffers emotional pain. As you can see, instant relief is the common denominator. However, instant relief comes at the cost of deterioration in other areas of your life.