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  • Empowering Your Journey to a Vibrant, Healthy Lifestyle & Relationship


    Stephanie Mihalache, MS, Ed., RMHCI


    There is no getting past the fact that asking for help requires courage. However, that might be the start of your metamorphosis. It would be an honor for me to help you in your path. Here is what working with me is like if you decide to choose this route. You may have heard that counseling takes years because you have to spend time getting to know each other before you can discuss the issues that matter most. Yet, that is not the way I conduct my sessions. I want you to feel healthier and hopeful about the future from our very first session of working together. We cut through the clutter and get right to the heart of the matter so that you may stop feeling trapped in your emotions and stressed out. By assisting you in letting go of those internal conflicts, you may develop a new and healthy outlook on life, free from the ongoing load of worry. To add, I won’t stop there; I will also teach you how to consciously select ideas that advance your goals rather than restrict them. Your confidence can grow as you feel better, take more action, and so on in an upward loop. However, you must remember – it all begins with that first step of courage.

    What does the actual process look like?

    The process will start with a consultation call to see whether we are a good fit to work together. I will enquire as to your motivation for reaching out at this particular moment, your issues, and your therapeutic objectives. After that, we will have our first meeting and get right into figuring out what has been keeping you stuck. We will examine prior events that could be playing a role in addition to what is now taking place. You may have some notion as to why these sentiments are occurring, but with your cooperation, we will examine your life and work to determine precisely what led you to this point in time. The act of observing itself may be thrilling because you might begin to recognize patterns and view your history in a completely different light. You can begin to understand the causes of your recurring thoughts and actions. As well, we start working on letting go of these specifics that are not supporting you once – we are able to discover them by using a guided process, Does it demand effort? Absolutely. Does it merit it? Yes, it has the potential to be one of your finest self-investments ever.


    What do I use to help you make the transformation happen?

    My primary theoretical orientations are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Client-Centered Therapy. In addition, I work using Mindfulness-Based interventions. I employ these techniques because research has proven that they are successful in helping people swiftly alter their perspective on life.

    Wondering whether now is the right time for therapy?

    I believe it is straightforward:  Start by asking yourself: “Are you prepared to begin living your life differently?”. This is not a little adjustment; rather, it involves fundamentally altering how you live your life. So if you believe that moment is now, I will give it my all to work with you to make it happen.


    What motivated me to become a therapist?

    My primary destination was not too far from where you may be right now. Early in my 20s, I experienced burnout and came to the conclusion that my current course of action was no longer viable. I was having trouble adjusting to my new city. I was not really happy with the route I took to relocate to a different city. So, I contacted a therapist, and not only did treatment drastically alter how I perceived my move, but it also provided me with a professional path! Since then, I have put forth endless effort to achieve for my clients the same great achievement that I did.

    My background experience

    – Bachelor of Science in Clinical Psychology from University of Central Florida

    – Masters of Science in Education with a concentration in Mental Health Counseling from University of Miami


    What do I do when I’m not doing therapy?

    In my spare time, I enjoy pilates, cooking new recipes, watching the sunrise at the beach, and spending time with my fiancé, family, and friends. 


    Do I accept insurance?

    I don’t accept insurance, but you can use your out-of-network benefits to get up to 70% + reimbursement from our sessions. You can instantly check your benefits by clicking the link below!

    How much is my fee?

    $150 / session 


    Taking the first step

    Since I have also been in your shoes, I am aware of how it may feel like you are struggling right now. But if you have read this and found some of what is said here to be true, I would strongly advise you to seek out treatment. If not with me, then with a different therapist. Regaining your mental equilibrium can shift your outlook on the world and be the most significant thing you ever accomplish. And I would be glad to assist in directing you through it. You can schedule a time to speak with me using the contact button below, and I look forward to working with you.