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    Shut out. Discouraged. Left Alone.

    You got into one of those heated arguments again…and can’t understand how it escalated so quicky.

    You just can’t take another critical jab or hurtful remark from your partner.

    It’s like you’re a solider trapped behind enemy lines, malnourished and struggling to keep going.

    No matter what way you say, you never feel like you can get through to them.

    Now you find yourself wondering if they even love you or care about what you say.

    You may have had thoughts like...

    • “Are we going to live the rest of our lives like this”?
    • “How come every time I think I am doing the right thing, it is not enough for my partner?”
    • “Why do I always feel like I am being accused of something I didn’t do?”

    You know you want to feel closer and stop fighting with them but don’t know how.

    You want to stop this cycle of negativity and conflict.

    What’s at stake is important, a relationship you can feel open to say your opinions and actually enjoy each other.

    You need something to change.

    The truth is that your relationship CAN change for the better. It just takes the right guide to help make it happen.

    Couples Counseling can help

    Couples counseling helps by getting underneath the “walls” you put up between your partner.

    We figure out why you’re stuck in this cycle of negativity. Whether it’s a deep-felt betrayal, reoccurring argument over household duties, or several major blow ups, we discover what’s underneath the chaos of your arguments.

    By getting to the bottom of it, you and your partner chisel at the wall built up between you two and until it finally fades away.

    And with the wall gone, now you can feel that peace and enjoy each other again.

    If you’re ready to transform your relationship, we are here to help make it happen!

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    We're ready to help you transform your relationship

    You don’t need to be in conflict every day.

    You can wake up looking forward to seeing your partner, look forward to going on dates with one another, looking forward to being intimate.

    We can help guide you on this process, so you can finally enjoy your relationship.

    It just takes reaching out to get started.

    Welcome to Regaining Connections!

    We know it can feel difficult to talk about your relationship with anyone else, but it can be the one thing you’ve been avoiding that can finally help you feel seen, valued and as “one” with your partner.

    Couples counseling can be the start of something new in your relationship.

    Why should you choose to work us?

    • We offer both in-person and online counseling at my Deerfield Beach location, so you can get therapy how you want it
    • We use the most proven and effective methods helping couples
    • We are goal oriented in my counseling, so you can know you’re on the right track from day 1

    Let’s get started in your journey!

    How we can help your relationship

    Feeling more intimate with one another

    Feeling more intimate with one another

    Reducing arguments and constant conflict

    Reducing arguments and constant conflict

    Premarital counseling for couples not yet married

    Premarital counseling for couples not yet married

    Healing from past infidelity or emotional betrayal

    Healing from past infidelity or emotional betrayal

    Finding time for each other with busy schedules

    Finding time for each other with busy schedules

    Connecting with each other to rekindle your spark

    Connecting with each other to rekindle your spark

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much do you charge?

    We charge $150 per session.

    Do you take insurance?

    We do participate with insurance however we are considered Out-Of-Network providers. What that means is that if your insurance plan has out of network benefits, then you may be able to use your insurance while working with us.

    We are partnered with Mentaya, an innovative platform that automates claim submissions to your insurer for each therapy session. This service allows you to access your out-of-network benefits with minimal effort, potentially reimbursing you for 30–90% of therapy costs once your deductible is met.

    If you would like to check whether your insurance plan has Out-Of-Network benefits, then please reach out to us here Contact. Mentaya’s platform allows us to easily check whether your insurance has benefits and how much your reimbursement may be.

    We’re here to guide you through understanding and accessing your out-of-network benefits.

    Where is your office located?

    2501 W. Hillsboro Blvd., Suite 107
    Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

    What can I expect in my first session?

    It is normal to feel some anxiety when you’re about to begin couple’s therapy. We want to assure you that we will do everything possible to make you and your partner feel comfortable in the therapy room.

    First, we will set up a free 15-minute phone consultation to determine your therapeutic needs. If we decide we are a good fit by the end of the call, we will schedule your initial intake session. The intake session is two hours long and all about getting to know each other better. We will ask you different questions to begin learning about your relationship and explore other areas of your relationship’s health, such as past and current experiences that led you to seek couples therapy. We also welcome any questions you may have for us during this time.

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