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    Hopeful Spouse Counseling

    When A Spouse Is Unwilling To Attend Couples Counseling or Discernment Counseling

    Hopeful spouse counseling is for an individual whose spouse has said they want to divorce or seriously leaning towards divorce, and do not want to participate in any kind of counseling as a couple. The goal of hopeful spouse counseling is to support your desire to save your marriage by helping you learn from this crisis and engage in healthy constructive ways to prevent a divorce. The goal IS NOT to fix your marriage or your personal problems. It’s to help you learn from the crisis in your marriage in such a way that you can take immediate action to create an atmosphere where it might be possible to repair your marriage in the future. The first step to hope for from your spouse is that he or she might be willing to get help with you, but that would only come after you have made some changes within yourself that we work on in hopeful spouse counseling.

    We’re going to be compassionate with you, but at times, challenge you on behaviors that are leading your spouse into thinking that divorce is the most attractive option on the table right now.

    In hopeful spouse counseling we function as a coach for individuals who want to develop practical plans to save their marriage when their spouse wants a divorce. We help individuals keep their attitude as positive as possible during these very stressful times and teach active strategies to be constructive and see if their spouse would be willing to reconsider working on the marriage. We help to make sure that the children are protected as much as possible during these difficult times.