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  • Co-Parenting Sessions

    What are co-parenting sessions, one might wonder? Co-parenting sessions can offer help to parents going through a divorce. When things are tough, co-parenting could be the last thing on your mind. However, it is critical to realize that in a contentious divorce, the welfare of your kids comes first. You can acquire skills for successful and efficient co-parenting from these sessions. Developing a positive relationship is achievable but it requires perseverance and practice.

    I firmly believe in three building blocks for a healthy co-parenting dynamic.

    1) Learning effective communication skills

    Conflict resolution, open communication, and active listening are three communication skills that you may learn in the sessions. With the use of these techniques, you may create a strong co-parenting bond and steer clear of having damaging discussions about your ex-partner with the kids and other people.

    2) Prioritizing your child

    You can learn in sessions that prioritizing your child can help you establish a secure and nurturing atmosphere for them. You may discover that you might eventually see your partner as an asset rather than an enemy when you stop arguing and assigning blame. You will be able to explore how to refocus your attention and energy on what’s best for your child.

    3) Creating a co-parenting plan

    Establishing and sticking to a parenting plan that suits your family’s needs and addresses various issues like visitation schedules, custody agreements, shared expenses, etc. will help you and your co-parent satisfy your child’s needs while preventing future difficulties. You will receive guidance as well as support in developing a sound, workable plan during co-parenting therapy sessions.

    Author: Stephanie Mihalache