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  • Practicing Self-Care

    Taking the time to do things that enhance your quality of life and your physical and mental well-being is known as self-care. Self-care can improve your mental health by assisting you with stress management, increase motivation, reduce anxiety symptoms, and boost your general well-being. You can find it helpful to set aside time in your weekly planner for a self-care activity. As an example, you may decide to set aside an hour each morning to journal and practice meditation while sipping on tea or coffee, or you might find that taking notes right before bed becomes a self-care ritual for you.

    Self-care can entail engaging in stress-reduction techniques like deep breathing, meditation, and mindfulness as well as reading a good book, exercising, and spending time in nature. Take some time and list some enjoyable self-care activities you would like to engage in and keep out other distractions when you’re taking care of yourself. This time should be dedicated just for you in order to rest, unwind, and recover.

    Create a strategy for times when you feel anxious, lost in negative thoughts, or alone. This could be making a phone call to a friend or relative, taking a walk around the neighborhood, doing something enjoyable, or watching an old favorite movie. Making a strategy in advance might make the challenging times easier to handle. Practice your daily affirmations, drink water throughout the day, try to get six to eight hours of sleep, exercise, engage in a hobby, prayer, or meditation.


    • CALM
      Over a hundred guided meditations + specialized tracks for sleep, relaxation, and concentration

      Provides a wide range of guided meditations-more than 130,000 to be exact-that can be used to aid people with stress, anxiety, and sleep patterns.

    • GRATITUDE JOURNAL This app gives you the tools and reminders you need to become motivated and establish a pattern of healthy self-love, including gratitude notebook prompts, affirmations, vision board features, and daily motivating content.