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    Why Choose Dr. DiMarco?

    Dr. DiMrco is invested in her patients. She is compassionate and smart. She is easy to talk to, and provides helpful ways to make the change.

    - Christina S

    Dr. Dimarco is very smart, sweet, and empathetic. She has helped me get through everyday with peace of mind.

    - Ashley K.

    Very understanding and knowledgeable in her field.

    - Richard K

    Dr. DiMarco is very attentive. I feel so understood by her, no matter what issue is going on in my relationship. She makes both my husband and I feel heard in the room. We leave her office with a new a sense of hope each time

    – Emily K

    Dr. DiMarco addresses your concerns in a matter that gets to the point. She is quick to offer alternatives if something doesn’t click. Having a therapist who is flexible and 100% nonjudgmental (I literally feel like I can tell her anything) has made my time with Dr. DiMarco by far the best therapeutic experience I’ve ever had, thank you Dr. D!

    – Sarah P

    I enjoy speaking to Dr. DiMarco each week. She is highly skilled in relationships and not only helped my marriage, but she also helped me feel a greater sense of peace within myself. So grateful to have found her

    – Kevin S

    I was about to leave my wife, and I found Dr. DiMarco just when I needed it. She helped pick up the pieces of my broken marriage and move us into a place of healing and connection. I will forever be grateful

    – Lacey H

    Dr. DiMarco truly cares about her clients. You can sense this the minute you meet her. She makes you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in her office. She provides valuable help and solutions that I take into my everyday life. She is great at what she does

    – Carter Z